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As an additional cost for you to enter Catacombs, investigators at your location must spend 1 clues, as a group.

Skulls and bones decorate the walls of this wide hallway in a macabre fashion.


Shroud: 3. Clues: 2.

While you are investigating Bone-Filled Cavern, you have 1 fewer hand slot.

Forced - When Bone-Filled Cavern is revealed: Put the top 2 Catacombs in the Catacombs deck into play below and to the right of Bone-Filled Cavern.

Victory 1.
Ethan Patrick Harris
The Pallid Mask #250. The Pallid Mask #12.
Bone-Filled Caverns
Bone-Filled Caverns


(from the official FAQ or responses to the official rules question form)
  • Q: If I am holding two copies of Magnifying Glass while investigating Bone-Filled Caverns, am I forced to discard one of them? If I am holding a Flamethrower while investigating Bone-Filled Cavern, am I forced to discard it? A: If you investigate Bone-Filled Cavern and have 2 hand slots filled with assets, you must discard assets until you have 1 or 0 hand slots filled instead. In the first example, you’d discard one Magnifying Glass; in the second, you’d discard the Flamethrower. (March 2024)
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