Agenda. Stage 3
Doom: 8. Clues: –
The maelstrom in the sky envelops the horizon. The island starts to break into pieces. The screeches of uncanny creatures fill the air, an unholy choir praying to a force beyond your comprehension. If you do not act soon, the path will be forever lost, and nobody will be able to prevent Hastur’s agents from releasing his bonds.

Each Monster enemy gets +1 fight.

Michał Miłkowski
Black Stars Rise #280. Black Stars Rise #9.
Swallowed Sky

Die Unheard - Back

The vortex consumes the abbey of Mont Saint-Michel, shattering it into a thousand shards of reality. Gravity's hold on the island is released, and debris begins to lift into the air. The lower streets of the island are the only refuge from the angry sky, but even they will be consumed in time. The tidewater - your only hope for escaping this doom - suddenly recedes, and floodwater seeps into the earth below.
You sit at the edge of the north tower below the abbey and contemplate the madness all around you. How has it come to this? Is all of this even truly happening? Or will you awaken in an asylum like Daniel Chesterfield, a victim of some cruel cosmic joke?


Swallowed Sky

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