The Forgotten Guardian

Asset. Ally

Ally. Eztli. Wayfarer.

Cost: 4.
Test Icons:
Health: 3. Sanity: 2.

You get +1 (+2 instead while attacking an enemy with Victory X).

You get +1 (+2 instead while attempting to evade an enemy with Vengeance X).

After you add an enemy to the victory display, exhaust Ichtaca: You and Ichtaca each heal 1 horror.

Magali Villeneuve
Threads of Fate #147. Threads of Fate #39.

She costs 4! 4!!! :D Pretty expensive , obviously. Ok lets be honest she is a great tank and great stat booster especially if you are Silas who likes to control board and kill stuff when he find his weapons. In fact he is great with this card's campaign since you dont want to kill enemies with vengence if possible. He can use her to greatest extend outside of her campaign she will allways give you +1 agilty since vengence is a unique mechanic but you will get +2 str anytime

Now you may be thinking "what if there isnt a victory point card in scernio" It is rare but that happens but good thing is when that happens most of the time enemies are easy, mostly cultists or some lowly ghouls. So she is helping you most at times that you need most But her abilty is not just her horror soak its just minor boost. Her stat boost is amazing as long as you use both agilty and str but If you dont... I guess it depends then. She becomes very "meh" if you dont use agilty too and you should never pick this if you dont use STR because you will miss most of her boost then(she cant heal horror without killing and vengence is only exists at 1 campaign) I think any rogues that can use weapons is very good with her still. She is still very expensive so watch your economy.

In short:She is an ally that says "I will help you to control board , either to kill or exhaust

Edit:After thinking for a while she is also an interesting choice for characters that cant access to str boost like seekers with strange solution. 1 of biggest problem with strange solution is 6 str without any skill boost tend to miss a lot so it might be a problem but Ichtaca is a good solution to that . Someting you might consider.

Makaramus · 3
Even Leo can evade in TFA with Ichtaca. My Leo has Cat Burgler, Ichtaca and the Crystallizer of Dreams (with Decoy and some single AGI events). She is definitely the priority in Threads of Fate. — TWWaterfalls · 709
Yea I forgot to mention as Ichtaca is a great enabler for evasion aganist things you should not kill so if you are "I stab everything but dont step on snake" problem thn Ichtaca is interesting option. Also I will be adding an edit — Makaramus · 3
Ichtaca is certainly better than Alejandro, but they both pale in the light of Veda. — LivefromBenefitSt · 549
I think Veda is great for survival deck but she is not as good for encounter deck — Makaramus · 3
pressed enter again* What I mean is outside of campaign Veda usually becomes a tank and encounter deck checker. I dont disagree with you ofcourse she is great even without exploration — Makaramus · 3