Act. Stage 1
Clues: 3.
Doubt and horror grew upon me as I wound still farther down the seemingly endless staircase. Would the thing never stop?- H. P. Lovecraft and Zealia Bishop, The Mound

If there are no clues on your location: Explore. Draw the top card of the exploration deck. If it is a connecting location, put it into play and move to it.

Objective - At the end of the round, if investigators at Steps of Yoth possess the requisite number of clues, they may advance. (Beware - any investigator who is not at Steps of Yoth will be defeated.)

Michele Frigo
The Depths of Yoth #285. The Depths of Yoth #9.
Journey to the Nexus

One Level Deeper - Back


Add 1 resource to the current depth level. If the current depth level is 5+ and you are playing in Campaign Mode, go to (→R2).

Otherwise, perform the following:

- Each investigator who is not at Steps of Yoth is left behind and is defeated. Each surviving investigator loses each of his or her clues.

- Move each enemy in play to the pursuit area.

- Remove all doom from locations in play. Set each location in play and in the exploration deck aside, out of play. Investigators are not defeated during this process.

- Draw a random set-aside location other than Steps of Yoth, put it into play, and place each surviving investigator at that location.

- Create a new exploration deck consisting of Steps of Yoth and 4 other random set-aside locations. Shuffle the exploration deck.

- Flip this act back over. Journey as deep as you can…

Journey to the Nexus

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