Act. Stage 1
Clues: 2.
You have awakened alone deep in the woods south of Arkham. The mysterious soothsayer is nowhere to be seen. You rise up from the muddy trail and try to find your bearings. An oppressive weight hangs in the air.

Locations in front of you are connected to one another. You cannot enter locations in front of other investigators.

Objective - At the end of the round, investigators may spend the requisite number of clues, as a group, to advance.

Sebastian Rodriguez
The Circle Undone #53. The Witching Hour #4.
Lost in the Woods

Deeper into the Woods - Back

As the rain lets up, a dense fog rolls in throughout the area. Soon all of the woods have vanished within the hazy fog. You call out for your companions, but none answer. You grope blindly in the haze, searching for something, anything to which you can cling.

Each investigator must randomly choose 1 of the set-aside Arkham Woods locations, put it into play in front of him or her, and immediately move to that location (cannot be canceled).

Each investigator spawns a set-aside Goat Spawn at his or her location (if there are 4 investigators in the game, the lead investigator spawns the set-aside Relentless Dark Young, and each other investigator spawns a set-aside Goat Spawn, instead). Each investigator then tests or (3). Each investigator who succeeds exhausts that enemy and disengages from it.

Shuffle one of the set-aside copies of Daemonic Piping into the encounter deck. Place the other two copies in the encounter discard pile.

Lost in the Woods

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