Act. Stage 3
Clues: 3.
With the strange fog dispersed, you are now able to explore the woods. You are unable to find the main path that leads back to Uptown, but this is your chance to discover more about the ritual the witches are conducting.

Locations in front of you are connected to one another.

Sebastian Rodriguez
The Circle Undone #55. The Witching Hour #6.
Paths into Twilight

Woods. Circle.

Shroud: 3. Clues: 3.

Revelation - Put the Witches' Circle into play in the center of the play area, in front of none of the investigators. The lead investigator spawns the set-aside Anette Mason at the Witches' Circle.

Forced - After the enemy phase begins: Move each ready, unengaged Witch enemy once toward the Witches' Circle.

Victory 2.
Logan Feliciano
The Circle Undone #55. The Witching Hour #6.
Witches' Circle

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