Act. Stage 1
Clues: –
As you approach the patio of the Meiger estate, a man in an elegant suit checks your invitation at the door. Inside, guests mingle and chat with one another, but much of the conversation is awkward and terse. A silent tension has gripped the manor, and you are not sure why.

Objective - Find information about the disappearances by discovering as many clues as you can. (Do not advance until you are instructed.) (Hint: it may be worthwhile to investigate the last known locations of the missing persons.)

Joshua CairĂ³s
The Circle Undone #68. At Death's Doorstep #4.
Hidden Agendas

Death Approaches - Back

Before you can investigate further, the building is suddenly plunged into icy darkness. All of the lights flicker once and are snuffed out. A thick, otherworldly mist begins to seep into the corridors, causing everything it touches to decay.

Move each investigator and each enemy currently in the Entry Hall to the Victorian Halls.

For each location in play, find the set-aside Spectral version of that location and swap them (all tokens and cards at the former location are now considered to be at the new location). If there is an investigator at that location, reveal it.

In player order, each investigator spawns one of the set-aside Monster enemies at his or her location, until each of the set-aside Monster enemies has been spawned.

Spawn the set-aside The Spectral Watcher enemy in the Entry Hall. Shuffle the remainder of the set-aside The Watcher encounter set and the set-aside Realm of Death encounter set into the encounter deck, along with the encounter discard pile.

Hidden Agendas

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