Revelation - Put Bedeviled into play in your threat area.

You cannot trigger abilities on cards you control.

: Test (3). If you succeed, discard Bedeviled. If there is an exhausted Witch enemy at your location, this test is automatically successful.

Lukas Banas
The Circle Undone #94. Witchcraft #6-7.

This card single handedly destroyed my blind playthrough of twh with Joe diamond. Make sure you pack lots of head icons because it really sucks when you can't use your weapons or flashlights/fingerprint kits, and just hope you don't draw wracked along with this :p

Dustgod · 2
Me too, i couldn't wait for a witch to come out so i could evade it. — Caligula · 1
Logical reasoning cannot discard this, but with Higher Education Joe could try himself. Also be aware that other investigators can do the test on this card, as encounter cards are in your thread area like monsters. — Django · 2206