Act. Stage 2

Clues: –
Whatever the Lodge is planning, it involves a "device" they will do anything to open. It seems a Lodge member by the name of Nathan Wick holds the device at the moment. One way or another, you have to get your hands on it.

Objective - If Nathan Wick is added to the victory display by any means, choose an investigator to take control of the attached Puzzle Box, and advance.

A.M. Sartor
For the Greater Good #202. For the Greater Good #6.

The Puzzle Box - Back


If you advanced by defeating Nathan Wick:

You quickly pry the device from Nathan's hands and flee before you are noticed.

If you advanced by evading Nathan Wick:

You wait until Nathan is not looking, then sweep in and steal the device from the table next to him. You are long gone by the time he realizes it is missing.

If you advanced by parleying with Nathan Wick:

"All right, listen," Nathan explains quietly. "Truth is, there probably is a safer way for us to open the device. This building holds many secrets; more than you could possible know. But time is running thin, and Mr. Sanford wants it open by midnight. If you can open it before then, great. If not, well... If I were you, I wouldn't be around it when we try to force it open." He hands you the device and walks away, leaving you in silence.

Obtaining the Device
Obtaining the Device


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