Act. Stage 4
Clues: –
At the center of the clearing lies the spectral trap: a pillar of ghostly energy which swirls about a stone obelisk. Hundreds of phantasmal faces and a conglomeration of rotted limbs and flesh intertwine within, a revolting display of death and despair. A silver brazier stands in front of the pillar, its blue flame flickering in the wind.

During a circle action, spend 1 clue: Reduce the difficulty of this skill test by 2.

Objective - If The Spectral Watcher is defeated at The Geist-Trap while the brazier there is unlit, advance.

Frej Agelii
Union and Disillusion #248. Union and Disillusion #11.
The Broken Rite

Union - Back

As the blue flame of the brazier is snuffed out, the energy around the circle disperses. The shadow-wreath around the watcher's form is released, and the creature's true form surrounds the central pillar.


The Broken Rite

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