Agenda. Stage 1

Doom: 7. Clues: –
I see you there.

Playing with fate like it is
all some sort of game.

Did you really think you
could escape my grasp?

What makes you
think you are
the one
RĂ©gis Moulun
Where the Gods Dwell #287. Where the Gods Dwell #2.

The Mire of Dreams - Back

Do not try to run now. You are mine.
You will never, ever, ever wake up.

If it is act 4, read the following:

Place clues on each Forsaken Tower location until it has clues equal to its clue value.

Reveal each copy of Nyarlathotep in each investigator's hand. Each investigator who did not reveal a copy of Nyarlathotep must take either 1 damage or 1 horror. For each copy of Nyarlathotep revealed by an investigator, that investigator must choose:

- Nyarlathotep immediately attacks that investigator and is shuffled into the encounter deck.

- Nyarlathotep immediately attacks that investigator three times and is returned to that investigator's hand.

The Eye of Chaos
The Eye of Chaos


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