Agenda. Stage 2
Doom: 9. Clues: –
Now you know why none dare venture near the black reefs. It's not just the strange sightings on the islands - there is something far older and more horrifying that dwells under the waves...

As an additional cost for you to move from one Ocean location to another while not in a vehicle, you must spend 2 actions.

Forced - When your turn begins, if you are at a fully flooded location, you struggle for air: When your turn ends, if you did not enter an unflooded location, partially flooded location, or a vehicle during your turn, take 5 direct damage.

Mark Molnar
Devil Reef #166. Devil Reef #4.
The Devil of the Depths

Triumph of the Waves - Back

"We've gotta pull back!" Mr. Moore shouts over the roar of the waves. "The sea's too rough, and the tide's gettin' worse by the minute! Stay out here any longer an' we'll capsize fer sure!"
You protest, but the captain is right. The weather has gotten so bad Mr. Moore can barely control the ship. Worse yet, in just a matter of hours the tide has begun to swallow the coastal islands, leaving little for you to investigate. You nod to the captain, frustrated. This will have to do for now.

Record in your Campaign Log the tide has grown stronger.


The Devil of the Depths

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