Asset. Ally

Ally. Civic. Assistant.

Cost: 3.
Test Icons:
Health: 2. Sanity: 2.

Charlie Kane deck only.

After you exhaust Bonnie Walsh: Ready another Ally asset you control. (Limit once per round.)

"Don't forget you have a 9 p.m. appointment with Mr. Sanford. Shall I book your usual table at La Bella Luna? Also, you bought me a wristwatch for my birthday. Thank you very much."
Isuardi Therianto
The Scarlet Keys Investigator Expansion #19.
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The true backbone of Arkham has arrived, and WOW is she a powerhouse of an ally! Not only is she Unexpected Courage on tap (get it?) but she also gives you second shots at your favorite exhausting friends! Tabooed professors extend your grant money, the cat army gives you more chances for buffs - hell, maybe you can even get a second try on some precarious tests!

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