Test Icons:

Commit only to a skill test during an attack or evasion attempt.

You can commit this skill to an investigator's test at any location.

"Aim and pull the damned trigger. It ain't hard, kid."
Carlos Palma Cruchaga
The Scarlet Keys Investigator Expansion #30.
Fighting Lessons

Well, this one has Practiced trait. If you build a flex cluever/fighter Amanda, Fighting Lessons is quite useful. You can replace Overpower with it. There is more flexibility due to combat and agility icons. Amanda draws like crazy, so losing draw on Overpower is not a big deal. Other investigators who can use the card are those, who like both to fight and evade, or have good draw, so that missing out on a neutral skill is not a crucial loss, possibly Mark, Lily or Skids.

SergSel · 320
It's entierly a matter on how you build Amanda. If you play her as cluever, then yes, this might be a good support card for her. But the main catch of the card, that you can commit it on tests to people on other locations, won't matter for her ability. Because cards stacked under her can't be committed to other peoples tests. So a fighter or flex Amanda, who wants to use the card herself, will likely still prefere "Overpower", and even upgrade it to level 2. — Susumu · 315