Act. Stage 2

Clues: –
Desi and his crew are pursuing and attacking you everywhere you go! But why?

As a group, investigators at your location place clues they control on a Coterie enemy at your location equal to that enemy's remaining health: Parley. You gain some insight into the situation. Remove all doom from that enemy and automatically evade it.

: Resign. "I thought we had a deal!" You get out of the city while you still can.

Objective – Discover why your contacts are after you. If there are 4 total clues among enemies in play, advance.

Carlos Palma Cruchaga
The Scarlet Keys Campaign Expansion #98. Dancing Mad #8.

Truths Untold - Back

From your encounters with Desi's crew, you believe you've made a startling discovery. Their mannerisms don't appear to be their own, and their hostility is feral, alien. But it is the very slight distortion that occasionally follows in their wake that leads to your realization. The people who attacked you weren't Desi and his crew at all. They were taken by the entities you and Flint had been investigating and replaced by deadly imposters. But perhaps the real Desi is still out there, somewhere. If so, he's definitely in danger!

Reveal each concealed mini-card in play. For each enemy's mini-card, move that enemy from the shadows to that location. Then, set each concealed mini-card aside, out of play.

Ready the Desiderio Delgado Álvarez enemy, remove all tokens from him, and discard all attachments from him. Spawn the other set-aside Desiderio Delgado Álvarez enemy at the same location as the one in play, randomizing them so you do not know which is which.

Remove all clues from each enemy in play. For each clue removed from an enemy in this way, heal 1 damage from that enemy.

False Colors (v. II)
False Colors (v. II)


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  • NB: ArkhamDB now incorporates errata from the Arkham Horror FAQ in its card text, so the ArkhamDB text and the card image above differ, as the ArkhamDB text has been edited to contain this erratum (updated January 2022): Erratum: The last line of this act’s first paragraph (back) should read: "Set each concealed mini-card aside, out of play,” instead of “Remove each concealed mini-card from the game." - FAQ, v.2.1, August 2023
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