Prismatic Spectacles
Lens to the Otherworld

Asset. Accessory

Item. Relic. Cursed.

Cost: 2. XP: 2.


Add 1 token to the chaos bag: Investigate. You get +2 skill value for this investigation. If a token is revealed during this investigation, you may exhaust Prismatic Spectacles to discover 1 additional clue at your location.

Pixoloid Studios
The Feast of Hemlock Vale Investigator Expansion #56.
Prismatic Spectacles


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This is a card that seems specifically targeted at non-seekers. Most people with normal access to Level 0-2 seeker cards have better ways to get multiple clues (deduction, fingerprint kit, extensive research, ice pick, seeking answers). The bonus skill value also probably isn't super critical for most seekers too, especially when balanced against a curse token somewhere down the line. There is the benefit that this doesn't take up the competitive hand slot for Seeker, with the accessory slot being less competitive in Yellow. That still doesn't balance out an effect that costs 2 resources and an action to play and requires you to hit a curse token to resolve (meaning you leave it to chance or use Favor of the Moon).

That leaves us with non-Seekers who can take this card.

Kohaku is the obvious primary use case for this. With his Book of Living Myth, it's trivial to proc this effect once per turn for lower shroud locations (he still needs to pass the test, but his investigate skill is high).

Parallel Wendy is probably the next base case. She can directly resolve curse tokens using Tidal Memento or her elder sign effect.

Darrell probably doesn't need the additional effort involved in this card (slowly dripping curses into the bag, sealing with Favor of the Moon, then proc-ing). His synergies go other ways.

Trish can take this card and there's a reasonable amount of potential for a curse-focused Trish build. She can take some combination of Blasphemous Covenant, Lucky Penny [maximize the number of times she can get a curse token], Diabolical Luck, Eye of the Djinn, and Control Variable. In that case, the Prismatic Spectacles give her pretty straightforward curse token generation for a basic investigate action, something she'll probably want to do during a scenario anyways. Similar arguments can be made for Monterey Jack as well.

Luke and Subject 52-U1 can take these as well - both of those investigators are mostly shenanigans anyways, so this card is probably as good as any with them...

In short, this card won't be a Seeker staple, but will see limited use in certain Curse builds.

AdamMal4444 · 12
Parallel Jim would love these things. — HanoverFist · 689
This works with Ursula's ability, for a curse-focused Ursula deck this could be very useful. — SKThunder · 1
I have to ask: The card text does not mention a successful skill test. Can you exhaust the spectacles as soon as you draw a curse token? Does it not depend in the investigation being sucessful? — dr31ns5mf · 1
I asked FFG and they said the skill test must be successful to get the curse clue bonus. — MindControlMouse · 33
So do you have to exhaust the spactacles as soon as the curse token appears (before seeing if the test was successful)? — Son_of_Gothos · 62