Act. Stage 3
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You never thought this creature would track you all the way to Arkham. Or perhaps it's just a figment of your imagination. A ghost in your mind. A shard of your subconscious, driving you away from this line of inquiry.

Objective - If the Harbinger of Valusia leaves play, advance.

Joshua Cairós
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Impossible Pursuit

Another Expedition - Back

As quickly as it arrived, the serpent-thing is gone. You're still not sure if it was really there to begin with, but for the moment, it seems you are safe. Grateful for your assistance, several members of the other expedition offer you their help. Whether or not there was a link to the Eztli in the relics they found remains to be seen. Regardless, their expertise will surely be invaluable if creatures like this one continue to haunt your every step.

The investigator nearest to the Harbinger of Valusia takes control of the set-aside Veda Whitsley.

Remove the remainder of the "g/h" act deck from the game. If another act card is in play, continue playing. Otherwise, proceed to (→R1).

Impossible Pursuit

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