The Devil • XV
Your Shadow Hungers

Asset. . Basic Weakness

Omen. Tarot.

Cost: 3.

You cannot play assets other than The Devil • XV while it is in your hand.

If The Devil • XV is drawn in your opening hand during setup (before or after taking a mulligan), you cannot replace it. It must stay in your opening hand.

Robert Laskey
Return to the Circle Undone #15.
The Devil • XV

I don't like this card, it is such a tempo lost depending on when you draw it, it is just as bad as the big brother,The Tower. I am running a 3 player RTTCU and Rex was unfortunate enough to draw this card. So far, we are on wages of sin, and he has drawn the devil in his starting hand everygame. It is such a hit in a starting set up. It, thankfully,doesn't cost 4, but that's basically still money for an ally, or asset that I just lost. Not to mention the action, and a card i can mulligan off. If you pull this at the end, that would be fine. Most cards are on the field, and I can just commit cards, and play events. I hate seeing this card and if that was the idea then good job.

I want to run a skill heavy deck and get devil, and an asset heavy deck and get tower, but thats never going to happen is it? — Zerogrim · 281
Compared to a lot of weaknesses -3 resources is, relatively, very little. — fiatluxia · 61
It's also an action to play. Still, I think, it really depends on the investigator. I had "The Tower" in Minh, and would have rather choosen "The Devil" over it, if I could. — Susumu · 312
Still, compared to any of the "2 actions to discard" weaknesses, this sure stings more everytime. Skidds can take an extra action for two resources, and that is considered not cheap. "The Devil" is rather 3 resources, compared to the second action. Of course, if drawn late, it doesn't really matter (except in Patrice for the handsize), because you likely won't play any more assets. "The Tower" can still be a pain then. — Susumu · 312
I remember I pulled tower while playing wini :( not fun. — Therealestize · 53
Ugh just drew this with my Bob Jenkins deck... — normsherman · 60
Does anyone know why this cards come with 2 copies instead of 1 as other basic weaknesses? — rav · 1
Tbh..... so you have another chance of getting it :/ — Therealestize · 53
Is there any way to get rid of this after you've played it? Or does occupying the Tarot slot mean that any other Tarot assets are unplayable after you play The Devil? — szwanger · 2
If you play another Tarot, it would replace this. Same with all assets slots. — nckjnsn · 1
Can this be played at the same time as another asset with Ever Vigilant for a discount? — nckjnsn · 1
Ah, I guess the answer is yes since it says play assets “one at a time” — nckjnsn · 1