Agenda. Stage 2
Doom: 6. Clues: –
Around you, the bayou feasts. Flesh rips and jaws snap just beyond the trees, and light droplets of rain ripple upon the surface of the water. You can't tell exactly where the sounds are coming from. Perhaps it's the dreadful ambience of the bayou itself.
Ignacio Bazán Lazcano
Curse of the Rougarou #3. The Bayou #3.
The Rougarou Feeds

The Tenth Night - Back

A clash of thunder roars through the sky, and you reel in pain from the sudden explosion of noise. Your vision doubles, and bile leaps up your throat. A lone howl returns the call of the sky, echoing throughout the bayou. You wrench yourself off the muddy ground and find your bearings, unable to shake the feeling that you're running out of time.

Shuffle all copies of On the Prowl from the encounter discard pile into the encounter deck.

If The Rougarou is in play, find a non-Bayou location with the fewest clues on it. Move The Rougarou (one location at a time) until it enters that location.

If The Rougarou is not in play, after advancing to agenda 3a, add 1 doom to that agenda.

The Rougarou Feeds

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