Subject 5U-21 Devours...

(If the chaos token revealed is not listed, or if the listed aspect cannot be devoured, reveal a new chaos token and consult the list again.)

- : ...a non-Elite enemy or treachery, at your location and worth no victory points.

- +1: ...the top card of each investigator's discard pile.

- 0: ...the top card of each investigator's deck.

- -1: ...1 card at random from your hand.

- -2: ...a non-story, non-weakness asset controlled by an investigator at your location.

- -3: ...a player card attached to your location, or attached to an encounter card at your location.

- -4: ...the top 2 cards of each investigator's deck.

- -5: ...-3 cards of your choice from your hand.

- -6: ...all events from each investigator's hand.

- -7: ...a non-story, non-weakness asset from each investigator's play area.

- -8: ...a non-weakness siganture card in any player's deck, hand, discard pile, or play area.

- : ...1 card beneath Ravenous, at random.

- : ...each card committed to each skill test at your location (after the test ends), until the end of the next investigation phase.

- : ...each event played by investigators at your location, until the end of the next investigation phase.

- : ...the player card at your location with the most evidence, supplies, ammo, charges, or secrets on it.

- : Reveal 3 more chaos tokens and resolve each of those devour effects.

The Blob That Ate Everything ELSE! #5.
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