Act. Stage 1
Clues: –
The way to seal this being away must be recorded in one of the many tomes around campus...

Ignore all Objectives on locations.

If you are Daisy Walker, investigators at your location spend 1 clues: Shuffle 1 facedown player card beneath this location into your deck.

Objective - Find a way to banish the Namer of the Dead before it is too late.

Tomasz Jedruszek
Read or Die #6. Read or Die #3.
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You stand in the restricted section of the Orne Library, surrounded by volumes of ancient, heretical texts. The incantations you have found may prove to be enough to dispel the entity - or perhaps bind it back within the Necronomicon from whence it came. Your voice rises to a crescendo as you repeat the words. Shadows crawl across the room. The walls and ceiling bend. Pages flutter in the tempestuous gale. Every fiber of your hair is whisked into the air. All is swept away in the ensuing chaos, like a wet paintbrush kissing the canvas of reality.


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