Agenda. Stage 1
Doom: 6. Clues: –
Mr. Grey is a powerful man with a lot of friends. Getting him behind bars is going to be tricky.

Forced - When a non-weakness Cultist enemy would be defeated: Heal damage from that enemy until it has 1 remaining health, instead.

Forced - If Roland Banks is defeated: Proceed to (→R2)

: Resign. You don't want to miss your deadline, so you close the case.

Sasha Jones
By the Book #33. By the Book #2.
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Mr. Grey
Corrupt Politician


Humanoid. Cultist. Elite.

Fight: 3. Health: 3. Evade: 2.
Damage: 1. Horror: 1.

Spawn - Engaged with Roland Banks.

Hunter. Mr. Grey gets +2 health.

Forced - After Mr. Grey attacks an investigator: That investigator draws the top card of the encounter deck.

Victory 1.
"Take comfort in the idea that your death serves a much greater purpose."
Michael Koch
By the Book #33. By the Book #2.
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