Spell. Song.

Cost: 3.


Marie Lambeau deck only.

Fast. Play when the agenda would advance by reaching its doom threshold.

Until the end of the phase, the agenda cannot advance by reaching its doom threshold. Remove Mystifying Song from the game.

Jeff Lee Johnson
Promo #2.
Mystifying Song


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Mystifying Song spell opens up a realm of possibilities for Marie. Picture this: Marie, armed with a Ceremonial Sickle or a Dowsing Rod, strategically places doom on these assets during her opening moves, granting her the ability to perform a staggering 4 actions per turn. This simple yet powerful strategy allows her to gather clues from multiple locations, inflict extra damage, and cleverly manage doom on her assets. A short doom clock of 4 becomes a playground for Marie, enabling her to execute from a base 12 actions normally to an astounding 16 or 20 actions with efficiency and a touch of luck.

What makes Mystifying Song truly remarkable is its new trigger timing window. This fast card can be played during the Mythos Phase at any moment when doom would cause the agenda to advance. Imagine drawing an Ancient Evils at the most inopportune time, with 3 of 4 doom tokens in play. Instead of allowing the agenda to advance prematurely, Marie can defy fate by playing Mystifying Song, nullifying the impending doom and continuing her turn unhindered for the cost of 3 resources. Even if doom was destined to reach 4 of 4, this card ensures that Ancient Evils loses its grip, and with the arrival of the witching hour, Marie can dive into the chaos of doom assets with impunity.

"But wait!" you might say, as Mystifying Song's effect is listed as "until the end of the phase." Fear not, for the intricacies of timing work in your favor. Although Ancient Evils still adds the doom as indicated, Mystifying Song's clever design ensures that the doom threshold check (step 2 of Mythos Phase) doesn't do anything. The card explicitly states that nothing advances the agenda during the phase, providing Marie a strategic edge. The only cautionary note: be vigilant during the investigation phase to avoid drawing another Ancient Evils, and your arcane prowess with Mystifying Song will be grand.

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