Minh Thi Phan Investigating Carcosa - With 15 Skill Cards

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ChesterBlack · 350

The clue gathering half of my new experimental team. I'm sending them to Carcosa.

This deck is experimenting on a heavy Skill built.

EDIT : After some helpful recommandations (StartWithTheName), I changed 2 Skill cards for U.C.


May 16, 2019 ChesterBlack · 350

Did "The gathering" with her and Skid :

We have been defeated, but because Skid couldbt fight lol. Minh is surprisingly strong. She supported efficiently Skid with her skill cards and her special ability while gaining lot of clues, evading everything that she met, never failing to encounter deck tests, and even punching some ass when needed.

In the end, she could (in one turn) go to the lounge, gain the asset, and come back leaving behind a huge bunch of ghouls she brought there, but Skid was doomed with only an improved fighting skill of 4 (that damn enemy had retaliate). So she just abandoned with the asset instead lol.