Zoey Samaras - The Dunwich Legacy - TLOEI001

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Decklist as of the end of Scenario 4

This deck was designed for the first League, held by the 'League of Extraordinary Investigators' group.

The intent behind this deck, is to rely mainly on Sixth Sense and Zoeys willpower for clues, as well as other cards to help with this, such as Evidence!, and Scene of the Crime. It does this by using Mr. "Rook" to search for all the components that are valuable to Zoey, as well as her cross. It also allows you to pull Smite the Wicked from the deck, ensuring that it is dealt with early, and does not come up near the end of the scenario, when it can be difficult to deal with. It also deals well with Hypochondria, which was the weakness specified by the League for this campaign.

For weapons, as this campaign is not following the List of Taboos currently, I have opted for Machete as the main weapon, due to it's reliability being important for this component heavy deck. I've also chosen the .45 Automatic as my sidearm, and this is due to the Anti-Melee monsters that are present in the Dunwich Legacy campaign, as well as a general backup weapon.

Otherwise, I have opted for cards such as On the Hunt, so I can guarantee getting monsters when I need them, for cards such as Scene of the Crime and Evidence. It will also allow me to pull VP enemies from the Encounter deck, and deal with Whippoorwills before they become a problem.