The Alf Adventures of Roland Banks

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AGFA25 · 1

This is my first built deck for trial. I will test and update the description as I go along.


Jul 19, 2019 Lucaxiom · 48

Your deck's total cost is 54 resources. You have 33 cards in your deck and you get one resource and one card draw during the upkeep phase. That means each card comes with one free resource to pay for it, which means you're short 21 resources to pay for your deck. Two Emergency Caches reduces that to 15 resources.

The only other cards that grants you resources is Dr. Milan Christopher, and since you only have one copy of him, he's unlikely to appear in half on your missions. Even if he does, you must discover 15 clues before the game is over to break even.

You're going to find yourself unable to pay for your cards in nearly every mission with this deck.

Jul 21, 2019 AGFA25 · 1

Thank you Lucaxiom for the analysis. I had not thought to see it this way. Thanks, I'll have a look at my options to try to improve my base deck.