Agnes Baker Goes to Bat

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PaulAltreides · 28

Mythos Busters Contest Submission.

Are you tired of leveraging your strengths to help your team? Do you get bored of being so effective at killing enemies that you sometimes have nothing to do? Have you ever lamented the fact that shriveled enemies only make a faint, unsatisfying sssss sound upon expiry, as if letting the air out a balloon?

Then have I got the deck for you.

Now, your enemies will die only with a satisfying thwack to the skull (when you can land it). No longer will a guardian have a valid basis for calling you nerd -- in fact, you won't be using your primary stat at all!

As an Agnes that's recently woken up and realized that baseball bats are just so much more satisfying than magic, you have some catch up to do. First of all, let's find a way to keep your baseball bat in play as long as possible: hence our only Mystic card in the whole deck, Protective Incantation, to pull those pesky skulls out, and a Resourceful to recover our bat in the event of a tragedy.

Getting our fists to where they need to be is going to be tricky, since we'll be swinging our bat at base 4 only, with no passive combat boost available. The necessary solution becomes: Yaotl + Cornered. With Rabbit's Foot + Drawing Thin, we will hopefully have enough card draw to power the Cornered engine, and with 27 fist icons in the deck, we should have enough to icons to make use of Yaotl as we bludgeon baddies.

Meat Cleaver will help us get into Desperate range if we find it before baseball bat, and with 2x Fight or Flights and Trial by Fire, we have four high-combat turns available to us for when we really need one. The rather broken Drawing Thin will hopefully help us pay for a deck that has no card that costs more than 3.

It is worth noting that Matt himself wanted you to play Agnes this way. He gives the hint right on her signature asset, which has a Will icon, a Wild icon and... a Combat icon! Which is great, because we will be exclusively pitching the Heirloom for +2 fists with this deck, exactly as Matt intended.

Alongside a Cloover Mark, this deck should be able to handle The Gathering on Easy!

Note: 2x Live and Learn is a placeholder for 2x Trial by Fire here.