Overpowering Rats - Mythos Busters Ep. 007 Live Build

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MythosBusters · 1733

Sean, Ian and Nick from the Mythos Busters podcast build a Daisy Walker deck that focuses on fast damage and faster clues. Doubling down on Daisy's strengths with cards like Dr. Milan Christopher, Deduction, and Old Book of Lore means Daisy will stay well-equipped and constantly grabbing clues. Following this up with cards like Scrying and Ward of Protection help her stay ahead of the Encounter deck, and Mind Over Matter, Shriveling and Blinding Light to deal with the enemies that make it through. Daisy does it fast in this deck, working to power through Acts faster than you can say "Ia! Ia! Cthulhu Ftaghn!"

Listen to Mythos Busters Episode 007: Overpowering Rats for the discussion and details behind building this deck, and comment with your thoughts and experiences if you try it out!


Nov 30, 2016 bourgman · 1

There's a Podcast?! I'm on it now!

Dec 30, 2016 ForAiur · 3

Survived first scenario. Will now put my first run of Curse of the R. in between. Upgrades were: 2 x Encyclopedia 1 x Blinding light

removed: 1 x Blinding Light lvl 0 1 x Old Book of Lore 1 x Scrying

Dec 30, 2016 ForAiur · 3

Ok, so I was damn lucky with card draw against the R.

I was double-dragged under when it came back to my location (0 clues) and I was able to kill it. I was down to 2 health and 1 mental health. Dunno if I should push all those earned xp into carneval of horror or go on with the normal campaign :D