The Lone Paladin

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nhojm · 14

A test deck for solo Tommy. Hopefully there's enough clue gathering in here. I want to test Venturer to give extra ammo to Becky, but Beat Cop might just be better. The upgrade path is a little up in the air right now. I would appreciate any feedback!


Oct 10, 2019 smallbird · 21

By the name Lone Paladin I will assume this is for solo? If so you might not get that much value from LWIF and Winging It. You're probably good enough dropping one and go for Perception instead. If solo you are really really missing out on Guard Dog over Beat Cop imo. Considering you can have Guard Dog out and investigate/move/draw cards/take resources for testless dmg and Beat Cop would have to be discarded for only 1 dmg. Personally I wouldn't take .45 and just grab another PftW. Personal preference is Fine Clothes > Leather Coat. Don't know about Stunning Blow but I don't know campaign either.

Oct 10, 2019 nhojm · 14

Thanks for the ideas, I will definitely swap in guard dog and remove the .45. I just think stunning blow is a nice option to have, but probably isnt necessary.