Rex Murphy Labyrinth Cluever Extraordinaire

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Professor (Wh)Y · 9

This is not my usual load-out for Rex, but I'm planning to tackle Labyrinths of Lunacy with a full group so I've geared up in a way that seems more suitable. Keeping in mind that Rex's job is almost purely cluevering, I've kept the usual toys near at hand: Magnifying Glass (1 XP version), Encyclopedia for skill boosts, Scientific Theory for further skill boosts, and Deduction (2 XP version) for emergencies. I feel that this will let me accomplish my job without the other investigators having to take time and effort away from what they do in order to find clues. The rest of my choices are about survival and endurance: the allies are there to take hits (with Charisma, I plan to have two out at a time). Calling in Favors lets me fish for a meatier ally like Alyssa or Maleson, while also letting me recycle the red-shirts (Laboratory Assistant and Research Librarian). I'm trying a little bit of encounter deck control with Maleson, Alyssa, Forewarned (1 XP), Tooth of Etzli, and Logical Reasoning. Burglary and Emergency Quiche (shout out to the Mythos Busters team) supply extra resources when I need them. There is also a bit of card draw if needed via Search for the Truth, Laboratory Assistant, and Research Librarian. I splashed in Holy Rosary, Barricade, Painkillers, and Smoking Pipe to deal with any incoming damage or horror. Machete in case of rats (since that's about all Rex can handle on his own). Finally, In the Know (1 XP) in case of an inaccessible location. I've never done Labyrinths, but have heard that it is a challenge. Any suggestions would be most welcome!