Fightin' Finn Edwards, King of the Labyrinth

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Professor (Wh)Y · 9

First time Finn build. My sense is that he leans into fighting much more so than other rogues, with Jenny being the possible exception. With high evade, my thought is that he wants to engage, evade to exhaust, then attack with trickiness like Finn's Trust .38, Lupara, Backstab, and Sneak Attack. I love Leo, but given that this is meant for a multi-player campaign, my guess is that others will want/need him more than Finn will. I'm not convinced that Cat Burglar is the right choice for me, because, as a rule, I want to jump on enemies, not run away from them; the +1 agility is nice, though. Maleson is there for encounter deck control, but without charisma, I'll have to rely on Calling in Favors to hot-swap him with Cat Burglar or vice-versa. Hot Streak takes the place of Emergency Quiche (love ya Mythos Busters), while Eavesdrop, Magnifying Glass, Fieldwork, and Hyper-awareness serve to help cluevering especially if we don't have a Seeker. Since Finn is looking for trouble, I threw in Bulletproof Vest, Chicago Typewriter, and Liquid Courage. Narrow Escape is there for unexpected nastiness, while Quick Thinking feels like it belongs in any Rogue action-economy deck. Decorated Skull because ideally I'm dropping enemies like flies (or alternatively, my cunning plan has gone badly wrong and I'm losing allies). Finally, Finn seems like he wants to stay out of everyone else's way so that he can lock down baddies, so Lone Wolf seems like a correct choice. As always, I'm open to suggestions on what changes I should make, especially since this is my first time playing Finn.