Mr. Steal your girl...for a price!

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This is my Tony Morgan deck I have been using to navigate carcosa with a relatively new set of players to the game who are exploring that campaign for the first time. I thought it would be an interesting idea to try one of the new investigators and see where he sits in the echelon of investigators for the game.

Tony Morgan is one of the most aggressive investigators in the game who due to his flexibility in deck building is able to approach having multiple builds. I chose to pick a guardian secondary colour as I felt in particular on the hunt and prepared for the worst were perfect additions to Tony's want of finding both Long Colt's and playing them from hand.

Crystallizer of dreams is a key card to this deck as the event suite its broad and large and works either towards killing threats on the board or gaining clues without investigating with skill tests later in the game you can then expend the double icons from these cards as ways to overcome skill tests particularly investigating the later clue areas when there may not be as many threats. I had 16 xp (easy mark seems to be bugged on the db) after 3 scenarios and I am excited to see where this build can go.