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Shade92000 · 1

This is my first attempt at a deck for Arkham Horror LCG. I would appreciate any help and comments, be kind I am not used to LCG's.


Dec 02, 2016 rockch4lk · 1

I would swap .45 Automatic for the .41 Derringer. The Derringer is better at clearing trash, but anything with 2+ HP is better off shot with the .45. I also love the Machete and would try to include one more in the deck, maybe take out one Sneak Attack to make room. Also, you may have some trouble with the random willpower tests that might pop up, slipping in a Guts or two, or possibly a Physical Training would go a long way in preventing some nasty effects from possible failed willpower tests.

RANT (about Sneak Attack): I loved the card at first glance, but the more I look at the card the more I hesitate to include it in my deck. It cost 2 resources to play + 1 action, + 1 more action to cause the enemy to be exhausted... The Machete on the other hand is much more action/resource efficient even if you only get 3 uses per game out of it (you usually get much more).

This is because the Machete costs 3 resources to put into play, but if you divide that by 3 uses it equals 1.... + 1 action to play the card (divided by 3 uses =.33) + 1 action to activate = 2.33 for +2 damage.

I'm not sure that I articulated that correctly, but Sneak Attack = 4 cost for 2 damage. Machete = 2.33 cost for 2 damage. /END RANT

Dec 02, 2016 rockch4lk · 1

...although Sneak Attack does help with enemies that have a very high attack value, but a low agility value... so it does still fill a niche.

Dec 02, 2016 Shade92000 · 1

ok I made some changes I will post the updated deck when I can, right now it says I can't publish an amount of decks higher than my reputation in a 24 hour period. Is there a way to update the published version I couldn't find it if there is.