Luke Robinson Solo return of the Devourer

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Sinde · 2

Very consistent deck, i was dreaming to be able to solo a mystic but they were unreliable until Luke showed up. With Mr. Rook, eureka and prospeterous sketches(lvl2) i got what i was looking for, a good drawing engine. Not to mention also how good are in this deck blood rite, knowledge is power and also crack the case (in multi player)with luke’s special ability. The focus is to boost willpower to very high lvl, even if Luke starts with a 4 and not a 5 he has different tools for the job.

One of my first upgrade in every deck is often charisma, but i don’t find purple allies so indispensable, so for this deck i will go for relic hunter for the willpower bonus, other upgrades are 2four of cups in replace of guts and prospeterous sketches lvl 2, i will go also for pathfinder in replace of uncage the soul and i’ll let arcane research to take care of spell’s upgrade. I just tested this deck in the first scenario (standard) and it was really good. I hope you will enjoy it too.