Tony Morgan, LAPD

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brerlapine · 17

A few months ago, you have decided to go it alone. You didn't leave a life of crime to join a police force that is equally corrupt. And that means that you will have to become a better investigator. Some say that you will never have the knack for it that Roland has, but Roland isn't you; he doesn't have the same dream.

You found it in an abandoned opium den. There, trapped in glass, grew poppies, dandelions, daylily, and black peony everlasting. A shot of color in a drab world.

Ever since, events in your life have gained greater importance. Everything you dream seems to crystallize in front of you. But as your life blossoms, the flowers in the glass wither and die. And somehow you know that you are running out of time...

Welcome to the Tony Morgan's single/two player guide.

Like my story, I have obviously constructed this deck around Crystallizer of Dreams. All the events can be thrown in to increase your chances to either fight or investigate.

Your only ability to evade is with Cheap Shot, which can be substituted for Decoy.

You are probably going to fail most non-enemy encounter cards and therefore On the Hunt and healing helps mitigate any head checks. Healing from "If it bleeds...", Emergency Aid, and Liquid Courage can be added/subtracted given the requirements from the mission.

On the Hunt combos with Scene of the Crime and Evidence! so use it on locations with high shroud. You really want to be killing things as much as possible to gain those bounties.

With some quick thinking you can have turns that are 5, 6, and even 7 actions long (when you get the upgraded derringer). My upgrades usually go:

.41 Derringer Lupara Adaptable (if you like to customize for the mission) Haste


.41 Derringer Coup de Grace ??

You might need some fine clothes for your campaign. If that is the case, remove whatever card you think is weakest.

I believe that for larger groups in which Tony can be a more dedicated killer, then survivor is his best class. I'll share that deck later.

What card in this deck do you think is the weakest and what would you switch it for? Which is better: Small Favor or Coup de Grace? Leave a comment.


Feb 23, 2020 Sassenach · 89

I don't really like the 45 Thompson for Tony. While he can easily afford to play it, he has less need of the +2 boost than others and it's anti-synergistic with his signature guns. You can never re-stock the bounty contracts while you're using a 2-handed gun.

In my Tony run I've made a great use of Switchblade{2} in one hand and then cycled through various one-handed firearms in the other. With all the extra actions Tony has and his naturally high combat ability, this is typically all he needs to kill pretty much anything. I'm not convinced that Lupara is really worth the xp investment. I realise there's the nice synergy with Sleight of Hand, but we'll soon have the Sawed-off Shotgun to play with that's even better for big bursts of damage.

Feb 23, 2020 brerlapine · 17

The .45 Thompson might be out of place, especially since you cannot sleight of hand it given the taboo list. My friends play it on expert, so every little bit counts against an average -3/-4 token pull. I don't put too much weight on his long colts, since they only have three shots. Also, I never need money. However, this was when I was playing sub red, so I had Act of Desperation returning the 6 spent hopefully. And I also didn't have any upgrades to increase the ammo size that blue has.... soooo what do you recommend to replace the Thompson at level 0?

Lacking money at the beginning is why I really love sleight of hand and Lupara, which I can agree might not be worth the xp. Both allow you to not waste an action playing a gun which is particularly nice in the early game when you hopefully have mulligan for Leo and so are broke. I just like the fact that Lupara doesn't provoke an opportunity attack. However, once again, this is different now that I'm not subbing red, so I am actively hunting enemies to gain clues (rather than just failing to win).

The taboo list gives Switchblade one more xp so it evens out with Lupara. I'll have to give it a shot (or lack there of). Yeah, that new Shotgun : )

Feb 23, 2020 brerlapine · 17

@Sassenach Thank you for the advice. My response is above! I love the help.

Feb 23, 2020 brerlapine · 17

So, the only other gun that Tony has access to is the accursed Colt Vest Pocket. Now that gun is pretty bad, but with Slight of Hand, Narrow Escape, and Dodge, maybe... maybe it would be worth running over the Thompson.

But the single factor that carried Thompson is the fact that it throws in for a fist, while the Colt Vest Pocket throws in for a foot, which is pretty useless for Tony.