First Roland Deck

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ACgalaga · 1

Just something I put together. Need to publish so I can link it to my online campaign log.

This is the first deck I built so feedback is certainly welcome :)


Dec 10, 2016 Heyenzzz · 3551

With only 3 weapons in your deck, you should have trouble getting (and keeping) one in play. Try adding some more to you deck so you're more likely to draw one in your starting hand.

I don't prefer resource costing cards like Hyperawareness and Physical Training because most of the time I end up not having the resources to really put them to big use, At least not when I'm playing Roland Banks.

Dec 10, 2016 ACgalaga · 1

@Heyenzzz You may be right about the weapons, but I figured Roland was a pretty good fighter already and could use other cards more than weapons. there are also a few other ways to do extra damage.

If you get Dr. Milan Christopher out in the early game, having resources isn't as big of an issue. Had plenty to pump Physical Training when needed.

We'll see how it holds up. You may be right and possibly another weapon would help. Thanks for your comments!