[Charlie Kane] Man of the People (31 XP)

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Custom Investigator - Charlie Kane (All cards included) | Created by TrueLolzor


  1. I usually use the taboo list, but I didn't really like Switchblade getting chained.
  2. This isn't meant to be a particularly good deck. I like to make decks with gimmicks that I like to try and make work, but have varying degrees of usefulness.
  3. Has not been playtested. I on actually doing it soon, hopefully.
  4. Meant to be a standalone deck. This deck just doesn't really work in campaign play.

Hello! I thought I'd do something not done before and make a deck for one of the many custom investigators my friend and I like to play!

A good leader knows he is nothing without his people. So naturally, he would want to do whatever he can do ensure their well-being. Our best bet at doing this is staying by their side every step of the way. We also want to try to keep them safe from any treacheries/monsters.

We do this by:

  1. Dealing with encounters ourselves.
  2. Cancelling a returning copy of any treacheries.
  3. Making sure they don't get hit by enemies.
  4. Coming to their rescue.
  5. Eating the consequences of any of their failed tests.
  6. If they do wind up getting tangled with an enemy, we just start wailing on it. All without worrying about hurting our buddy.
  7. Or if we're feeling especially crazy, we just take all the encounters..

A good leader is generous and makes sure his people are living comfortably. His generosity compels him to share his wealth with his fellow investigators. He keeps his own personal costs low to make sure his fellows are able to enjoy the finer things (except Leo, his services don't come cheap). We're aware that his influence is one of the reasons that we are able to keep our comfy status.

See, politicians have many connections. This includes the seedier part of the population. The kind who rough people up for the right price. But even they know that if the cash doesn't flow, they gotta go. Maybe one day you'll show them how it's really done. You didn't get to be where you are by being a mindless idealist.

Quick overview for some cards:

  • Tetsuo - Soak, reasonably cheap, and can help fellow players either search for items or recur items.
  • Hired Muscle - High HP, cheaper than Beat Cop (at least for <4 rounds), plus I really like it.
  • Daring - Lots of s for middling combat stat, card draw
  • Blackjack / Switchblade - Weapons with +2 to help with middling combat stat, cheap to keep self costs low. Preferred over weapons with limited uses that might lose them unnecessarily.
  • Calling in Favors - Feel free to switch with whatever, I just thought it was thematic.
  • Charisma - He's on the card! Plus it keeps Leo from hogging your ally slot all game (if you get him lol).
  • Versatile - Thematic and I'm indecisive.

I'm sure I missed some things, but this has been a surprisingly big project and to be honest I'd like to be done with it for now.