Doomed Chaos Leo Solos Yog-Sothoth

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Voltgloss · 35

I decided to randomly roll an investigator and a campaign to tackle in true solo, with the Ultimatum of Chaos, on standard. The gods of random chance gave me Leo Anderson vs. The Dunwich Legacy.

And they saw fit to give me Doomed as Leo's basic weakness.

So I decided to lean into that, and cheerfully took Charon's Obol with my first two experience points, fully expecting Leo to shuffle off this mortal coil mid-campaign and leave me trying to finish things with someone else subbed in from scratch.

What happened instead... was a series of epic adventures.

Individual play logs are recorded in the notes for each deck linked below.

Scenario 1-B: The House Always Wins: Resolution 2

Scenario 1-A: Extracurricular Activities: Resolution 3

  • Professor Warren Rice was kidnapped
  • The Experiment was defeated
  • 7 experience gained (5 victory points + 2 from Charon's Obol)
  • Leo rescued Dr. Henry Armitage
  • "Doom approaches"

Scenario 2: The Miskatonic Museum: Resolution 1

Scenario 3: The Essex County Express: Resolution 1

Scenario 4: Blood on the Altar: No Resolution

  • The ritual was completed
  • Sacrificed to Yog-Sothoth: Prof. Warren Rice, Zebulon Whateley, Earl Sawyer
  • Dr. Henry Armitage survived The Dunwich Legacy
  • 4 experience gained (0 victory points + 2 bonus points + 2 from Charon's Obol)

Scenario 5: Undimensioned and Unseen: No Resolution = Resolution 1

Scenario 6: Where Doom Awaits: Resolution 1

Scenario 7: Lost in Time and Space: Resolution 3