Wendy the Scavenger

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Wendy the Scavenger, beat Core alone 293 237 23 2.0

Django · 3498

I haven't played this deck, as my order hasn't arrived yet. I will Update, once i get it.

Why Wendy

Wendy is a very powerful character, as her actions are very efficient. Her special ability basically allows you to succeed on any test, if your chances are good. For example when playing on standard difficulty, if you're making a test (3) and are at (5), only 3 out of 16 chaos tokens result in fail (-3, -4 and auto fail). If you draw one of them and use her ability, chances are extremely low to draw one of them again.

Basic Deck Idea

This deck is unorthodox, as it uses "item" cards as skill boosters instead of playing them and to fuel Wendys ability.

I got this idea from another deck. The builder was discarding empty flashlights to a baseball bat (uses both hands) and used "scavenging" to get it back from discard pile. So you commit most items whenever an appropriate skill check comes up, you don't play them as assets. Then you recover them with "Scavenging". Even Wendys amulet is an item that can be recured with "scavenging". As it adds +2 to any skill, this is a powerful choice.

Extra Combo

It gets even better, "Scavenging" can be comboed with "burglary" in low shroud areas to gather ressources and regain cards from discard pile at the same time. This can be done muliple times, with 2 burglary and 2 scavenging on the board, you can recover 4 cards from the discard pile each turn for 2 actions. Also note that you can use "look what i found" when you fail "burglary", as it's an investigate test. However flash light and burglary can't be used together, as both of them initiate separate investigate actions.


Use the skillcards on easy checks to draw cards, so you get your combos going.

In this deck, her amulet is better discarded as skill booster than played as asset, as the deck has very few event cards. The chances for drawing an elder sign token is also very low, so i wouldn't rely on the auto success.

I generally prefer to kill enemies over evading them, as evading costs actions over multiple turns. That's why i didn't include any "evasion" style items from either class. So you want to get a weapon and hard knocks into play as soon as possible and use ressources to boost fight.


The tricky part, Wendys weakness card totally destroys the combo, as it removes current discard pile from the game. So you best keep 1 of each item in your hand while you don't have scavenging out. And when you do, use your last action each turn to investigate and recover 1 or more items you don't want to lose.

Starting hand

Leo De Luca (more actions), Hard Knocks (more killing), Burglary (gain ressources for hard knocks), Any Weapon

Scavenging only pays off once you've got lots of items in your hand, so it's not necessary for the beginning.


Dec 15, 2016 guybrush · 6

Remind me of shaper bs in netrunner. Play cards, trash cards, get them back again, yay!

Looks a bit clunky though.