Skids---Stenographer of Death!!

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FBones · 17411

This deck revolves around one idea: Get skids with the Chicago Typewriter and have him mow down everything in his path. I suggest pairing him with Daisy.

There is lots of synergy here with Skids getting extra moves to put into his typewriter, including Leo, his special ability, and Quick Thinking.

Also, double-or-nothing can be pretty awesome here because you just put one more action in (plus the double or nothing) to mostly make up for the doubled difficulty. So imagine you run into a creature with 4 and 6 health. If you put in 4 actions + 1 double-or-nothing you are hitting with 3 + 2 + 2 + 2 + 2 + 1 = 12 versus 8 without any other skill cards to kill him using a single bullet.

This snapshot is with 13 xp, you would use further xp to buy Hot Streak.

Vicious blow works great with the typewriter to kill the many, many health 4 enemies in a single attack.


Aug 23, 2018 Fireblaze · 2

Add 2x Backpack instead of Fine Clothes to find Contraband and Extra Ammunition faster

Aug 31, 2018 NotSure · 21

Excellent idea, 2xVicious Blow(2) to increase the damage output even more. 10 HP for one ammo is nice.

But the best thematic synergy is "Eat lead!" no action need and a hit almost guaranteed for one more ammo. Looks like it was designed for your deck ;)