Rex Murphy, Highlander

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DerBK · 1

For my next trip to Carcosa i want to do something a bit different. Using the Highlander rules, every deck is going to include only up to one of each card.

Rex Murphy is going to team up with William Yorick, hopefully navigating their way along the path.

The deck itself isn't using any fancy combos or concepts, it's just a mix of good seeker cards so Rex can hover up clues in peace while being protected by William. I am having some concerns about having enough resources to play my stuff, hopefully Burglary and Lone Wolf can help out a bit here. Lone Wolf should be fine, i expect it to not trigger every turn, but Yorick is usually going to go first and should be able to move out of Rex's spot most times.

William Yorick deck over here:

As i play through the campaign, i plan on updating this deck with the upgrades that i made to the deck.