"Ashcan" Pete Dark Horse and Red-Gloved Men

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Corn_Calob · 1

The idea of this deck is to spam the Red-Gloved Man as much as possible (to a maximum of four times with the card collection I have, if you have cards that can get stuff into play from your discard, I recommend using those). You first have to play the Red-Gloved Man which can be easy with a Dark Horse deck because he only costs 2 resources. After he leaves play you can use A Chance Encounter to bring him back into play. The rest of this deck focuses on the Dark Horse aspect and failing upwards.

You can choose to play Flare to find him faster which is a great idea. You could also use Try and Try Again to get skill cards back to fit the failing upwards idea but should not be emphasized (in fact this may be a really bad upgrade for this deck). First focus on the Red-Gloved Man and Flares. After that upgrade the other cards like Peter Sylvestre and Lucky!

This deck will be played alongside Diana Stanley in the Dunwich Legacy Campaign. She is focusing on a deck that cancels as much as possible and deals with the enemies of the mythos. Peter will focus on investigation, usually using the Red-Gloved Man to bump up the intellect stat, possibly the strength/agility stat to deal with enemies. I will update this deck as I upgrade it.

The early game of this deck is to get established with cards like Dark Horse, Peter Sylvestre, and Baseball Bat. The Backpack helps thin out the deck alongside cards like Rabbit's Foot which draw cards as you fail. Duke will investigate and need to be readied quite often, this can be done with those unnecessary A Chance Encounter cards and Improvised Weapon cards. Once you have the Red-Gloved Man, do not use A Chance Encounter as a readying card.

If you have any suggestions, please write in the feedback. Note: I am playing with 1 core set, The Dunwich Legacy cycle, The Forgotten Age Deluxe Box, and The Circle Undone Deluxe Box (This doesn't mean you should limit your suggestions to just include cards from those cycles, also use cards from other cycles to help other players, I'm not the only one who will eventually see this (maybe)).