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highlander14 · 33

This is the basic set up for a well rounded expert Finn. This is better suited for a 2 player campaign, while if youre playing a 4 person campaign, I'd modify this to take out the fighting components and make him a pure cluefinder/evader with Delilah O'Rourke as his eventual main combat functionality.

The main strength of Finn's set up is the deck searching function (Mr. Rook, smuggled goods) and his ability to draw from survivor and seeker cards, i.e. Mr. Rook, and drawing thin.

Card search: Use rook to find drawing thin for resource income, and smuggled goods to find pickpocketing (card draw and resource income). Once you have drawing thin and track shoes, you can double drawing thin a track shoes reaction so you're using a movement action and gaining 4 resources at the same time as opposed to wasting an action to fail on something else. Combine this with streetwise and you have a pretty strong evader and cluefinder that can go up against the -8 in expert.

Allies: Calling in favors is key after using your rook charges, so you can replace him with another ally and once you have charisma, you can play rook again to search for more cards. Caught red handed is pretty innocuous, so you can use rook care free. Upgrade to Delilah O'Rourke and Lola Santiago to increase versatility and have extra use of your high resource supply.

Upgrade path: skeleton key, Charisma Delilah O'Rourke, Lola santiago. If you want to make him more combat focused you can add sharpshooter