Zoey Hates Investigating (Solo Zoey)

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smoorecrux 9

I wanted to play solo Zoey, but I didn't want to rely on Rite of Seeking, which is what I see most often in solo Zoey decks. I also didn't want to go with Magnifying Glass or Dr. Milan. Frankly, I just wanted to avoid investigating as much as possible. So, here's what I have.

Art Student worked great in a solo Roland deck I made earlier, and thought it would fill the same role of quick clue slash horror soak. I like having Beat Cop in this deck as well, because they both feel like allies who are happy to be defeated for a good cause.

The one Working a Hunch might seem strange. Why would I spend one of my precious OOF slots on a one-clue-get card? Part of the reason I don't like Rite of Seeking in solo is that it feels like overkill. Or at least wasted effort. I don't need two clues at once for a lot of locations in solo. I need one clue, and I need it quick. Working a Hunch is so good for this.

Drawn to the Flame is there for your two-clue locations. Drawn to the Flame saved my life in Miskatonic Museum, when I had Hunting Horror engaged with me, and moved into the Restricted Hall with one card in my deck, Beyond the Veil in my threat area, and one action left. It felt very good.

All told, that's seven investigate-less clues, which is enough to get through most scenarios if you draw all of them at the right times.

Flashlight is also in here for the low-shroud locations. I've put a couple Perceptions in as well, just in case, but I think it would be wise to get Keen Eye (Zoey usually has the money), then swap Perceptions out.

Anyway, I've had some luck with this deck. I've only played through Miskatonic Museum, though, and Essex might give me some difficulty.