Trish Seeking Answers

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smoorecrux · 115

I'm not much for write-ups but wanted to share this deck as I was surprised to find a really fun home for Seeking Answers in Trish. Along with her ability (and Vantage Point), Seeking Answers really lets Trish control the map. Being able to grab a clue behind you with it to also evade that hunter enemy on your tail, or to Double or Nothing it to grab 2 clues plus an extra from your ability on, say, The Witch's Circle, all from a connecting location is just fun. Nothing revolutionary, but Trish really makes those events feel new to me.

The Faustian Bargain/Deep Knowledge curse token gambit isn't too bad in Trish. With Flashlight she can be investigating at a 0 shroud often enough that the curse tokens don't matter. Heck you can even do that at a 3 shroud if youve also played Vantage Point (along with moving a clue off like a 4 shroud somewhere). It feels great in solo, in particular, to get the acceleration from those cards.

Obfuscation is a great card, and while I wouldn't lean on it, it does let you play your turns in a very different way to other investigators. Most investigators only want to take attacks of opportunity to play a weapon, but Trish wants to investigate. So getting to use her ability without the AOO just kind of flips a switch for her.

All in all this is a fun way to start Trish at level 0. Without going into any other upgrades I have to point out that Seeking Answers level 2 can feel like a mini Deciphered Reality for Trish in the right conditions. So that's an obvious include here