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Soloclue · 2095

Ross & Robes is an adaptation of Discount Diamond which uses the same concept of aggressively discounting your cards, but now even moreso because we can use Robes of Endless Night and Norman's entire existence to help us out. The article which explains most of this deck concept can be found here:

The main goal of this deck is to put out expensive cards for extremely cheap, and then run around the map absorbing clues using our 5 Intellect, Fingerprint Kit, Cryptographic Cipher, and Read the Signs (I have Read the Signs particularly for The Circle Undone; feel free to choose something else if you aren't playing TCU).

Dr. Milan Christopher is a backup asset to help with economy and investigating in case Charles Ross is not drawn. This is not a "let's exploit Milan deck"; if I had both in hand at the start of the game, I would still put out Ross first.

Knife exists to kill the Vengeful Hound. It is a little bit wacky, but it does the job quite well, and can always be upgraded out of with XP.

Feed the Mind and Occult Invocation supply us with additional spell targets for Robes. They can be opted out of with experience.

Logical Reasoning is there to help protect our Guardian, in this case Nathaniel, from treacheries and horror.

Guts and Perception help us draw cards, which we need to make our discounts useful.

Truth From Fiction helps refill both Feed the Mind and Cryptographic Cipher, but it also gives us +2 Int icons. These were the first cards I cut with experience, replacing them with level 2 Wards.