Fr. Mateo playing with a Blessed Blade

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dlikos · 20

Not a bad deck really. I have tinkered with it through a few scenarios. The combos that it builds off of are Mind's Eye and Blessed Blade. It is an expensive deck but the Robes help out ... The Cups are there only to mulligan, but I would hard mulligan for the Blade and Minds Eye.

Experience might go to Sacred Covenant, but remember to take advantage of Arcane research and slowly upgrade Blinding Light, Hypnotic Gaze, and Ward of Protection.

Let me know what you think... and suggestions.


Feb 14, 2021 VTRobH · 14

Interesting ideas here! Thanks for posting. I am building a deck now and was caught in the struggle between Minds Eye, Summoned Hound, and spell Assets. Perhaps I need more Spell Events...