Nathaniel Cho - Combat Focus

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Nathaniel Cho - Investigator Starter Deck 15 10 2 1.0
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Bjorn121 · 1

This deck is a variant of the Nathaniel Cho starter deck and contains a few tweaks to make him even stronger in combat. When you start, it's really important to mulligan if you don't have at least Boxing Gloves in your hand. Bandolier will allow you to play Machete with Boxing Gloves, which makes him even more powerful in combat.

I wouldn't recommend playing this solo, as he has no ability to gather any clues. The idea is to pair up with a strong seeker, like Rex, to get the full potential. If you really want to play solo, swap in Grete Wagner to collect a number of clues.

Prepared For The Worst might be a bit overkill, but it's really important that you can play Machete and Boxing Gloves as early as possible. Combine that with One-Two Punch and there's hardly an enemy in the game that is strong enough to be a real threat.

In terms of upgrades, try to upgrade both Boxing Gloves and One-Two Punch as fast as possible, potentially even after the first scenario (if you collect enough XP).

Nathaniel Cho's starter deck contains 2 copies of Dodge, but the site didn't know this? So that's why it says 2 Core Sets, although you only need one.