The Darkest Hour

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The Comforter · 91

"Ol' devil come to him in the field one day/ Sayin', "One of your family I'm gonna take away"..."

Pete's mournful baritone filled the night air with the practiced melancholy of someone who loved sleeping under the stars. Duke was still growling, a low-throated rumble that told Pete there was something nearby: a coyote, maybe.

"Out come a little devil a-draggin' a chain/ She picked up a hatchet and split out his brains..."

Duke hadn't stopped yet so the drifter ran a hand through his loyal friend's fur. He knew the singing would keep any predators away, but the tune slid out of his mouth and into the fire, dying in the night.

He heard the growling, but Duke was asleep.

I'm really excited to try out this deck and see how Ashcan and Duke really get along when they're truly alone. The game plan is simple: with Dark Horse and Moonstone down, your defensive stats are up to 6/5; Duke investigates with a Mag Glass at 6, and fights at a 5 (with backup from the drifter at a 4-5 if necessary). On Your Own lets you play all your events at 0 with the exception of True Survivor which will get you your Resourcefuls back. Bonus points if you actually pull Off IntRepiD during mythOs for the power turn at 6/6/5/6! ;)

Feedback very welcome for those with more experience driftin'!