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5ax0n · 26

My try at a big money Wendy deck, for solo play.

Where the poor urchin gets all this cash from, I don't know. But she puts it all to good use.

Wendy is pretty good at finding clues, and with Lockpicks, Belly of the Beast and a couple of Perceptions she can usually handle even the most difficult locations.

Originally the idea for the deck was to use Mariners Compass and the Fire Axe. But I found I just preferred lockpicks

Enemy management in solo is always a bit more difficult for me to deal with. Here I try to use cash generated from Gregory Gry, Lone Wolf and Watch This to fund both Hard Knocks and the Fire Axe. These are supplemented by Sneak Attack, Backstab and Trial by Fire, all of which are available for those times when an enemy just has to be dealt with - assisted by improved evasion via Track Shoes/Hard Knocks

There's a bit of card draw from the old Lucky Cigarette case, and the best card in the game, Lucky!


May 03, 2021 LivefromBenefitSt · 633

So... she's a "C-note Urchin?"